Twitter Chat Transcript: How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Career and Improve Diabetes Care

The Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute, in partnership with The Diabetes Influencers Network, is launching a series of Twitter chats from August through December 2016 geared to diabetes healthcare professionals. Topics will cover the gamut from using social media for career growth to helping clients accept the diagnosis of diabetes to offering guidance on healthy restaurant eating.

These lively Twitter chats will be facilitated by Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM. Warshaw is a Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Institute Faculty member and is serving during 2016 as president of the American Association of Diabetes Educators.

Our first Twitter chat took take place on Thursday, August 4, 2016 from 9:00 – 10:00 pm ET, 8:00 – 9:00 pm CT, and 6:00 – 7:00 pm PT. The topic was: How to Use Social Media to Enhance Your Career and Improve Diabetes Care. Following is the transcript of that Twitter chat.

maureensrn Follow the #DiabetesINFL hashtag using @twubs at
lorishemek Chat w me & @laurenpincusRD @HopeWarshaw @RebeccaBitzerRD @Eatingsoulfully & @MaureenSR inf a few! #diabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Welcome Johnson & Johnson #Diabetes Inst’s (JJDI) Chat – How to Use Social Media. Plzed you joined! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw I’m @hopewarshaw, a long time RD, CDE, consultant, book author and host of JJDI’s
Twitter chats. Happy to be here! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Who’s on the Twitter chat? Please take a moment to introduce yourself if you want. #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd Hi @HopeWarshaw – excited to chat with you and fellow diabetes influencers! #diabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd Hi everyone, I’m Lauren Harris-Pincus, dietitian, food blogger at, speaker and Diabetes Influencer #diabetesINFL
nutrition411com @Nutrition411com is here! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw @MaureenSRN Welcome! Plz use #DiabetesINFL hashtag. Tx
amandakirpitch Hi! Glad to be here! I’m a diabetes educator/RD. Currently working in NYC #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson Hello, Everyone! Glad to be here. #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd @AmandaKirpitch Hi Amanda! #diabetesinfl
lorishemek I’m here to help educate those with diabetes and the public as well. #diabetesinfl
ginww I’m Ginny Weale, RD, CDE and I’m new to Twitter #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Who’s on? Please take a moment to introduce yourself if you want. #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @gee_perry @DebGreenwood @ePatientDave @HopeWarshaw Glad to see you here tonight #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn Greetings from Murfreesboro, TN. #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek @MaureenSRN HI Maureen! 🙂 #diabetesinfl
cravesomehealth Hello all – Glad to be here too! I’m an RDN and #DiabetesInfl in AZ
rebeccabitzerrd Rebecca Bitzer, MS, RD, LD, CEDRD is happy to be here! #DiabetesINFL @HopeWarshaw
lorishemek @CraveSomeHealth HI Anne! 🙂 #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw Let’s jump in. Thru the chat I’ll pose Qs. Plz response w As. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Q1: Plz describe, give examples of how you use twitter, other social media venues in your work, practice? #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd Hi @CraveSomeHealth and @RebeccaBitzerRD! Happy to see so many RDN friend on that chat! #DiabetesINFL
myzenutrition #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn Excited to learn about #diabetes and #socialmedia. #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd A1: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are easy platforms to share recipes with patients and colleagues #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw That’s plz respond with A and the number of the Q. You know the drill! #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn @myzenutrition Welcome, Rosemary! #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @nutrifit2dianne @HopeWarshaw Welcome Dianne! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A1: I was an early social media adopter, in 2009. As sole practitioner/consultant/writer, it’s a great way to connect. You? #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A1: #SocialMedia allows our business to reach those in need of our services and helps us to spread the value that RDs hold #DiabetesINFL
globalobesity Using #socialmedia to get the word out about #diabetes @bruce_y_lee @Forbes #DiabetesINFL
gale_cohen Hello, good evening from NJ, Gale Cohen, RD, CDE #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek A1. Social media improves patient outcomes. The more engaged the client, the more accountability & self-empowerment = success #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw @RebeccaBitzerRD #DiabetesINFL And you do it well!
cravesomehealth A1 Twitter, FB and blogging to share news, tips and recipes. IG for #healthyFood pics. Love to share tips to #MakeHealthyEasy #diabetesinfl
colleengergrd #DiabetesINFL Hi @HopeWarshaw it’s been a LONG time! Glad to be here with you And Hi @LaurenPincusRD!
maureensrn Welcome, Gail and Aviva! #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl Don’t forget! Follow the #DiabetesINFL hashtag using @twubs at
bariatria Hi everybody! Happy to attend this event #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw @LoriShemek TX, so true. Patient engagement super critical today. PW #diabetes it’s so important #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd Very true @lorishemek #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw A1: I mainly use Twitter. I engage with RD/RDN & # diabetes educator colleagues and ppl w/ #diabetes in the #DOC You? #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd A1: I really want to get into Facebook video to share easy recipes and quick tips. Someday soon #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A1) Improve career with social media-> #Facebook posts for public education; messaging for private #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A1) #LinkedIn for #diabetes related job opportunities #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A1. @LaurenPincusRD Is Facebook video same as Facebook Live? #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd Hi @colleengergrd and @LaurenPincusRD and @HopeWarshaw and all the other RDs!! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A1: I quickly see news/learn new info, ex: Nutrition Facts label, Dietary Guidelines, Diabetes Stds of Care, pt ed tools. You? #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson A1 Joined Facebook in 2008 (for personal use) and started a blog in 2012 (for professional use). Twitter & LinkedIn followed #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd Yes! Clearly I’m not an expert in that, yet. There’s always a learning curve 🙂 #diabetesinfl
amandakirpitch A: social media helps me stay on top of current issues in diabetes, spread the word, and connect with colleagues and PWD #DiabetesINFL
zyhailo Good evening!
My name is Maran, RD, CDE in Valencia, California #DiabetesINFL
markharmel I share diabetes research – mostly on Twitter -from valid news sources. #diabetesinfl
janekdickinson A1 And then Facebook diabetes (business) page in 2012 as well. #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A1: #SocialMedia spreads our message to reach those looking for evidence based recommendations w/ practical applications #DiabetesINFL
indietitians A1: We are planning on using FB video to introduce IAND leadership to fellow RDNs #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Hey @MarkHarmel welcome! #DiabetesINFL
cravesomehealth @laurenPincusRD You’re not alone! SM changes too fast! #diabetesinfl
avivamenche @HopeWarshaw which hashtags do you find most effective? #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A1) #Twitter for following other #diabetes educators and related #healthcare programs #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @MrTR61 Welcome Tony, so glad you could be here tonight! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw #DiabetesINFL What hashtags most effective ask Aviva? I use #diabetes, #DOC, #RDchat (for fellow RDs)
markharmel I also support campaign to reduce sugary drink & junk food consumption.
diabetesinfl @McCoy14Annie Hi Annie, thanks for joining the tweet chat tonight #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A1. @JaneKDickinson what hashtags do you use? #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A1: Social media was instrumental in obtaining an agent + publisher. Shows you have an audience + potential buyers. #DiabetesINFL
colleengergrd #DiabetesINFL Hi @RebeccaBitzerRD! Talk about someone who’s done wonders with #video 🙂
eatingsoulfully A1: Social media also helped build my brand. 99% of my tweets are diabetes related content. #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson A1. Mostly use Twitter to share tidbits I see/learn in the media and think ppl with diabetes and caregivers would benefit from #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A1: My blog and FB page designed for African Americans with diabetes, also helps build brand. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A1: Professionally I engage w colleagues, read their blogs, podcasts, social media posts and more. You? #DiabetesINFL
indietitians @HopeWarshaw Do you use #RDchat to target other RDNs rather than the community? #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn @HopeWarshaw Hastags #Diabetes, #T2DM, #A1C, #ADA, #AADE, #FBS…..key words for #diabetes posts. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Q2: Why do you engage in social media? How has being engaged helped you improve #diabetes care you deliver? #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson @HopeWarshaw #diabetes mostly. When at conferences I use the conference hashtags. I admit I still say “pound” in my head!!! #diabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd A2: Social media allows me to share content to grow my business PLUS I constantly learn new info and tips from other RDNs! #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Also get to share video of @HopeWarshaw promoting prediabetes day at the AADE meeting. #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw Yes we did and that hashtag is #aade16 #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A2: I engage b/c social media connects me to new colleagues, like-minded HCPs, new and newsy info for patient care/ed. You? #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama A2. I like to watch the #DCDE & #DSMA to learn from people with diabetes. #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek A2. Social media is an excellent tool for professional education, networking & creating positive client outcomes #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama Sorry I’m late! #DiabetesINFL
indietitians A2: To learn and share information #DiabetesINFL
mytimenutrition It’s time to start finding the support we all need to be successful. #DiabetesINFL #1stTweet 🙂
laurenpincusrd Who will be at #AADE16? I’m going! Who else? @HopeWarshaw 🙂 #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw #DiabetesINFL Yes, I lurk and learn as well!
markharmel @chayaSD you better have good research to back your claim in this group. #diabetesinfl
janekdickinson A2. I engage in social media because it’s instant connection and information. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Definitely will be there #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A2) Office practice limit contacts to local area; social media reaches worldwide #DiabetesINFL
avivamenche CDEs attending #AADE16, take @fit4d “Stump the CDE” Challenge for cool prizes #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A2) Social media affords worldwide networking; cross promoting other #diabetic topics#DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson A2. I am careful not to use my business social media connections for personal stuff and vice versa. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A2: Engaging in social media keeps me up to date, provides quick access to newsworthy info and colleagues providing it. You? #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A2: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and blogging are responsible for my consulting, writing and speaking opportunities. #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek Using social media to help educate others is key as most who have #diabetes go online for information. Hashtags are crucial. #diabetesinfl
eatingsoulfully A2: Social media provides an opportunity to counter misinformation & get new info – webinars, meetings, research studies. #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama This is what I love about being an @AADEdiabetes member. & the networking we do there too. #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A2: Twitter allows you to listen to and address the concerns of PWD in real time. #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A2: We engage in #SocialMedia to reach a large variety of people. It enhances RD careers by spreading the word #DiabetesINFL #health
amandakirpitch A2: Following #doc and#dsma has given more insight into current health concerns/perspectives of #pwd #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A2: It’s connects me to #DOC members. Allowed me to build bridges b/w HCPs, ppl w #diabetes & caregivers. Warms my heart! You? #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A2) Social media connected me with national speaking engagements! #FeelingGrateful #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A2: Engaging with #DOC helps me gain insights to ppl w/ #diabetes, caregivers and become a better #diabetes educator/provider. #DiabetesINFL
amandakirpitch A2:Following diabetes in social media allows me to be on the cusp of new developments/press releases #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Love to learn about patient perspectives as well as learn about new research. #diabetesinfl
laurenpincusrd Yes. And it’s important to have RD voices standing for science in a sea of misinformation! #diabetesINFL
cravesomehealth Social media is gr8 way to stay up to date with news, share info with colleagues to help clients #diabetesinfl
zsquaredmama Totally. After I learned about #DOC at #AADE15, I was hooked for this very reason. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A2: Allows me to be a voice of/for accurate, current nutrition & #diabetes info where there’s lots of inaccuracy. You? #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson Connection to/engagement with #DOC makes me a better #diabetesadvocate! #DiabetesINFL
sirencare We’ll be at #AADE16! Would love to connect there #DiabetesINFL #foot #health
11thandbluemont @HopeWarshaw @DiabetesINFL Hello there! Little late to tonight’s chat. I’m Kellie from Kansas #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama @LaurenPincusRD And the rest of the CDE/Diabetes Educator population. #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd Yes, love getting a quick look at everything going on in the world. #diabetesINFL #wellness
hopewarshaw Q3: How do/can HCPs use social media to increase referrals for #diabetes ed? What medium(s), platform(s) best for ur efforts? #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson @hopewarshaw I’m not sure if that was a legit hashtag!! #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd A3: Private Facebook groups are SO helpful for engaging with colleagues and getting referrals #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Welcome! #DiabetesINFL
cravesomehealth I always learn something new from those I follow and it keeps me on my toes! #diabetesinfl
rebeccabitzerrd A3: The #RebelDietitians use #SocialMedia to post recipes and and give people #DietitianApproved tips! #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A3: I think LinkedIn and FB provide best opportunity to showcase #diabetes ed programs + increase referrals. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A3: I use social media, Twitter and Facebook, to promote articles I write in various publications, post on my website. You? #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama A3. I think the #DCDE talks do a great job of Education and the value of a referral in some of their topics. @DiabeticConnect #DiabetesINFL
sirencare #Pinterest seems to be popular for #diabetes #education. Good community! @DiabetesINFL #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A3. @RebeccaBitzerRD How many #rebeldietitians are there? #DiabetesINFL
11thandbluemont A1 Personally 2 share w family/friends &more professionally 2 share nutrition messages w others #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A3: I use social media, to establish self as thought leader, champion for ppl w #diabetes. You? #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek Online resources promote the sharing of information. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn all help to increase referrals. #diabetesinfl
zsquaredmama Yes! Retweeting of great information that we find. #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @11thandBluemont @HopeWarshaw Hey Kellie, thanks for joining us tonight #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A3) Blogging on #diabetic related topics builds following; develops social media presence #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd Private Facebook group that are members only allow for personal sharing of business needs. #diabetesinfl
janekdickinson A3 Social media has helped with professional opportunities (writing, mostly), but I don’t use it for referrals. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A3: I use social media, Twitter mainly, to connect w colleagues, ppl in #Diabetes Online Community. You? (#DOC) #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd We are a fun team of eight #rebeldietitians in 3 locations in Maryland 🙂 #diabetesINFL
maureensrn A3) Hosting chat parties can help develop strong social media presence #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A3: Engaging w ppl in the #DOC has both connected me with amazing ppl and provided insight into daily #diabetes mgmt. You? #DiabetesINFL
11thandbluemont A2 Share, connect & learn! As an #RD2Be I learn tips, practices, & info ab #diabetes & nutrition care #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A3) Social media is affordable marketing platform; many free sources to promote self. #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama How many times can I hit the like button on this. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A3. @MaureenSRN How do you do chat parties live on online? #DiabetesINFL
hoonurse A3. I use it to read articles topic specific to DM that get posted to initiate ideas for formal lit reviews #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Not trying to build a practice yet-my education is something I do to support clinic and patients now. #diabetesinfl
zyhailo Good evening!
My name is Maran, RD CDE from Valencia, California #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A3. Great idea! #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek A3. Social media such as twitter, has allowed me to reach a population that needs education, so very important.
hopewarshaw Q4: How can connecting w #DOC members help you improve the diabetes care you deliver? #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd @nutrifit2dianne Look up Dietitians on the Blog, Dietitians Do Science On The Blog. I’m sure there’s several more. #diabetesINFL
avivamenche A3: Potential to use data gathered on social media to target specific people with health education ads, support groups, etc. #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn @HopeWarshaw Twitter, Twubs, & Skype have afforded LIVE discussions. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A3. @MaureenSRN How would you describe Twubs? Don’t know that #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A4) Social media networking enables online presence; builds online reputation; builds followers
hopewarshaw A4: Have you engaged with the #DOC? What’s been your experience? Has it helped you create a larger social network? #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson Connecting w/ #DOC members helps HCPs id important issues, concerns. What works, what doesn’t. Keeps us relevant and informed. #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek A4. Being connected, empathy, is helping PWDs feel supported as well as helping me to improve their care. #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama A4. I don’t have diabetes myself, connecting w/#DOC has helped my empathy for my patients. #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A3: Yes, so many social media platforms and always changing. I forgot to mention pinterest. Which is your fav? #diabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4. @zsquaredmama So TRUE! What amazing folks #DOC #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4: I’ve worked directly w #DOC members for yrs now. My life, career and understanding of challenges are enriched, heightened. #DiabetesINFL
markharmel I get to use my role at Medscape to get access to some of the most brilliant researcher and get to share their knowledge. #diabetesinfl
11thandbluemont A3 I think many platforms- FBook Twitter Insta can all b used 2 promote positive messages ab #Diabetes #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn @HopeWarshaw – LIVE rolling discussion; real time feedback #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson @HopeWarshaw This chat is offered through Twubs, although I’m having to use Twitter at the same time to see your questions. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4. Yes, you do. I was jealous of you behind the camera at @AmDiabetesAssn #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A4) #DOC has taught me so much. Social media allows exchange of ideas! #DiabetesINFL
11thandbluemont A4 Networking is always positive and gaining new information and insights into care #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4: How? Connect on social media. Be open. Engage #DOC in interviews, quotes in your work. Support & learn from them, causes. #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd Each is so different! I’m mostly on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook- all useful in different ways. #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A4) Online collaboration possibilities-> Webinars, Skype, #TwitterChat parties-> #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl Great idea! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4: How? Offer to provide quotes 4 blogs, interviews 4 podcasts, tweet them, RT their tweets, use quote tweet to ask questions #DiabetesINFL
avivamenche @HopeWarshaw Need to understand what #PWD want via the vocal #DOC so we can all speak the same language in helping each other #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A4: Gives you insight into their challenges, concerns and success. #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd I use Tweetdeck. Love it! #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw A4. Yes, Aviva. I’d like to see SO MANY more PWD engaged online, in #DOC #DiabetesINFL
sirencare @_health_16 Definitely! We work on #Diabetic #neuropathy and #prevention of foot #ulcers! #DiabetesINFL @DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama A4. Engaging with the #DOC has helped me change my language. I stopped using “Control” and changed to “manage”. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4: To gain insight into the #DOC members, interactions, observe #DSMA chats Weds 9 – 10pm ET, #DCDE chats Tues 8 – 9 pm ET #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4: On 8/11, Thurs 6pm PT from #AADE16 follow Live #DSMA Twitter Chat w @sweetercherise @scottkjohnson @debgreenwood, more #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4. And the MORE would be @JaneKDickinson @rachelheadCDE #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama Can’t wait for this one!! #DiabetesINFL
markharmel I feel left out of some PWD chats because I only have PreD. Feel it is a private group. #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw Q5: What tips, tricks do you have for colleagues re: accurate info, ethics of using social media in your practice? #DiabetesINFL
sirencare @LaurenPincusRD @RebeccaBitzerRD Pinterest has an active community. How does #Instagram work for you? #DiabetesINFL @DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd A5: Always stick to the science! Read it before you tweet it-many articles are “click bait” & don’t reflect original study #diabetesINFL
11thandbluemont @laurenpincusrd I would like to do that too! As well as utilize Insta’s new snapchat like feature for quick demos/messages #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A4. @MarkHarmel I would not. ID yourself, both PreD, and CDE and engage. So welcoming if authentic #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek @MarkHarmel Research just out Mark showing you are not alone, half of our nation has pre-diabetes and diabetes. #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw A5: Let science, evidence, accepted standards of care be your guide. Be a trusted, reliable resource #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A5) Always stay professional; never contradict other #HCP; maintain #HIPAA guidelines #DiabetesINFL
markharmel DiabetesPro SmartBreif is a great source of news. #diabetesinfl
laurenpincusrd I use Instagram a lot because I am a food blogger so I take a lot of food photos. It works well for me #diabetesinfl
diabeticconnect @zsquaredmama privilege working with so many great socially engaged CDEs on #DCDE -Clem #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A5: Don’t air dirty laundry abt colleagues, prof assoc you belong to, members of the #DOC. What principles do you follow? #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama Could not have said this better myself. #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson A5. Share reputable information from reputable sources #DiabetesINFL
hoonurse @LaurenPincusRD yes! And paying close attention to the sample size as part of that #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A5: If you need to correct a colleague, do so kindly, nicely w/ evidence-based info and link to further info. #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A5) I educate on social media but always note I am not a doctor/not prescribing treatments#DiabetesINFL
lorishemek A5. Avoid conflicts of interest, ensure patient confidence & privacy; communicate directly with patient. #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A5: One tip we have on #SocialMedia blogging is to ask yourself “would I read this? Would I share this?” before posting it #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A5: Don’t retweet, share or forward anything unless you’ve read it! You want to authenticate! #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A5) On social media, I always encourage team collaboration and further research for health topics #DiabetesINFL
11thandbluemont A5 Read the article B4 you share! Have a plan for media & one (or a few) message you always refer to! #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Also want to promote colleagues at Medscape for good diabetes news. #diabetesinfl
janekdickinson A5. Be professional. Post the way you want to see others post. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A5. @RebeccaBitzerRD Great Q to ask self #DiabetesINFL Great for students.
maureensrn A5) I prefer maintaining a paper trail for all interaction…..your thoughts? ? Liability issues? #DiabetesINFL
cravesomehealth A5 I share links to studies, or reports from major news outlets, websites and resources #diabetesinfl
laurenpincusrd A5: Always disclose corporate affiliations with #ad or #client. Transparency is very important part of using social media #diabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A5: ENGAGE! Demonstrate you’re engaged. Use engagement to raise your number followers. Let growth happen organically #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson A5 Use your 140 characters wisely (and effectively) #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Thanks for engage reminder. I’m more of a share and run Tweeter. #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw A5 Always impt to read research before posting #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Q6: Twitter helps us follow what’s going on at professional and #diabetes meetings. What are your strategies to do this? #DiabetesINFL
avivamenche A5) Make sure there is real science/research backing up any article you quote. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A6: Depends on the mtg. Say @aadediabetes @amerdiabetesassoc @eatrightpro, I follow hashtag(s) for key learnings. You? #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A5: Yes: really pay attention to what your followers ask about and go for it! #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A5) Any thoughts on the liability/ethics of social media…I often get health questions as emails & messages. Thoughts on it? #DiabetesINFL
markharmel I’ve used meeting hashtags to follow conferences when I couldn’t attend. #diabetesinfl
zsquaredmama Yes, Yes, Yes!!
janekdickinson A6. A little ADD never hurts. #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd A6: I often tweet live at conferences to share breaking nutrition news! Add photos of slides too- saves precious characters! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A5. Can anyone respond to @MaureenSRN #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A6: I’ll chime in to action by retweeting, offering a thought or positive mention using quote tweet. You? #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson A6. I use hashtags and post nuggets I think are important to share. Especially anything late-breaking. Hard to keep up, tho! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A6: Another option. Share links to recaps and write ups from the mtg for attendees and wider audience. Helps promote the mtg #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd I explain that I don’t have access to their medical information so it’s not appropriate to give advice #diabetesinfl
beyond32teeth #DiabetesINFL Do any of you currently collaborate with dentists?
lorishemek The use of hashtags, tweeting helpful information, sharing many pictures and videos, live blogging & stats = engagement. #DiabetesINFL
markharmel @MaureenSRN you can always give general health advice in response when not a patient. #diabetesinfl
amandakirpitch A6: Share key messages from talks; inspirational messages; new technology-sharing what I’ve learned #DiabetesINFL
avivamenche A6: Search event hashtag to see who’s active. Tweet interesting/impactful quotes from speakers #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd Yes, I feel like I am there if I follow conference hashtags #DiabetesINFL
11thandbluemont A6 Follow other RDs, DPGs, the Academy, & other reliable sources. Follow news sources. #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A6) Twitter posts/photos engage followers unable to attend meetings; ongoing education #DiabetesINFL
11thandbluemont A6 Of course, participate in twitter chats and engage with others! #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson @MaureenSRN I always refer back to their provider; don’t give outright advice. Ask what they’ve tried. Ask others to chime in. #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A6) Twitter chat parties/blogs/ guest editorials focus on newest #diabetes education #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Q7: What best practices have you IDed to work w your colleagues to build your practice, improve diabetes care? #DiabetesINFL
markharmel When I’m covering meeting I usually only have time to share my content -but follow meeting hashtag and will RT. #diabetesinfl
maureensrn A7) Twitter/social media allows me to follow other experts as well. #Crosspromotion. #Networking #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A7: For starters, observe/read their posts. If aligned, follow, retweet, respond, engage, build on content. Your thoughts? #DiabetesINFL
nutrition411com @LaurenPincusRD @MaureenSRN #DiabetesINFL I do the same.
maureensrn A7) Best practices-> cross promote colleague’s websites; collaborate with webinars
hopewarshaw A7. @MaureenSRN Great point. ID other experts. New experts #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A6: Follow professional members and/or org engaged in diabetes. @AADE@AmDiabetesAssn @diabetesisters + search hashtags #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A6:To stay connected with events we follow our favorites on twitter and check out their popular hashtags! #DiabetesINFL #GoogleTrends
11thandbluemont @laurenpincusrd Great advice! I’m ready for my next conference! #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Back to tips. You may like to follow meetings. #diabetesinfl
maureensrn A7) Best practices-> Offer free community presentations to build collateral relationships #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek A7. Work collaboratively with patients, ensuring readiness to make behavior changes & agreeing on behavior-change action plan #diabetesinfl
laurenpincusrd A7: Participating in professional association email lists allows for open communications for exchange of ideas & research #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A7. @MarkHarmel What does do for you during a mtg. Or is it more after mtg? #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @MarkHarmel That is important Mark! #DiabetesINFL
sirencare @HopeWarshaw @SweeterCherise @scottkjohnson @DebGreenwood We’ll be there to hear more stories! Anyone else joining at #AADE16? #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A7: When have opportunity, attend social media meet ups held at meetings. So fun to connect in person! Enriching, engaging! #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A7) Best practices-> Establish online presence; stay professional on social media (so important!!) #DiabetesINFL
avivamenche A7: At @fit4d we use social media to share industry news, company news, team accomplishments. #DiabetesINFL
zsquaredmama Love @AADEdiabetes for this! #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A7: Staying in contact with local #doctors and referring providers help the #RebelDietitians to build our practice #DiabetesINFL
markharmel I added a number of conferences to Healthcare Hashtag and used it to follow as well. #diabetesinfl
cravesomehealth A7 Best practices: network w colleagues, experts, share others excellent content. Impt to disclose relationship w #client #diabetesinfl
laurenpincusrd Love those! Is there one at #AADE16? I know there is one at #FNCE #DiabetesINFL
amandakirpitch A7: collaboration with all of patients providers as needed making sure they are part of a healthcare team #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Love meeting in real life to build on SM relationships. #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw A7: To ID, think of key leaders in field U respect. See if thy’re social media engaged. Follow, connect w/ by RT, quote Tweets #DiabetesINFL
11thandbluemont A7 Follow ppl w similar interests/credentials &learn how they operate. Take diff styles &create my own #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A7: Network within and outside your profession. Tweet out tips and links to latest diabetes research. Help others! #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A7: Guest blog, post to FB, join groups on Linkedin #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd Yes, inspiration and positivity is contagious! #DiabetesINFL
avivamenche A7: All of our CDEs @Fit4D post to FB, Twitter, LI, and write blogs, so everyone is involved and supporting each other! #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A7: Retweet and share colleagues meeting, articles etc. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A7. At #AADE16 I suggest #dsma Live Twitter chat on 8/11. We’ll find you! #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @LaurenPincusRD @HopeWarshaw there should be one at #AADE16, if not already, make it happen #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson A7. Connect with other leaders through LinkedIn. It’s easy to find them and reach out for connection. #DiabetesINFL
sirencare @LaurenPincusRD @HopeWarshaw Yes! Is there already a time and place at #AADE16? #DiabetesINFL #education @DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @AvivaMenche @Fit4D That sounds like a great community! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Q8: How do you use social media to learn about prof ed opportunities? Plz list key resources! #DiabetesINFL
zyhailo Thank you all for sharing details abt Twitter and Diabetes communication. I feel empowered. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Q8: How do you use social media to learn about prof ed opportunities? Plz list key resources! #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd A8: Follow social media handles for key professional publications, create Twitter lists to make them easy to identify. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A8: I’m partial! Let me 1st say Johnson&Johnson Diabetes Inst. PLENTY prof ed opps. Register here: #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A8: And re this topic on JJDI, check out webinar by PWD Sparling (@sixuntilme), “Your Patients Are Online; Why Aren’t You? #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd A8: #DietitiansOnTheBlog, facebook events, blog posts, and newsletters help up stay connected to #RD and #DiabetesINFL events @nedpg
cravesomehealth @HopeWarshaw – yes! great resource #diabetesinfl
lorishemek A8. I use multiple, including AADE, DiabetesINFL, NTADA, local chapters, twitter lists make them easy to identify #diabetesinfl
zsquaredmama @zyhailo It’s a great feeling isn’t it?!? #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @zyhailo Maran, so glad you joined us tonight #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A8: And re this topic on JJDI, check out webinar by I did, “Why and How Should Healthcare Providers Engage? #DiabetesINFL
eatingsoulfully A8: Follow diabetes professional organizations and search hashtags. i.e. #RDchat, #AADE16 #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) AADE-> #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Used Beverly Thomassian @CDECoach to prep for my CDE exam. #diabetesinfl
11thandbluemont A8 Follow other RDs, DPGs, & conference accounts! Ask questions! #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A8: I look for tweets abt upcoming webinars from government agencies, prof associations, trade, health associations. Your? #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) AADE-> #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) AADE-> #DiabetesINFL
amandakirpitch A8: myAADE network lists local events; chats to connect on Twitter #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A8. @MaureenSRN AADE’s handle is @AADEdiabetes Tx #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) ADA-> #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) ADA-> #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) IDF-> #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) WHO-> #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) CDC-> #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Bringing this 1st JJDI HCP Twitter Chat to a close, a BIG TX to you for joining! I and JJDI appreciate your engagement, input #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) JJDI -> #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn A8) NDEP-> #DiabetesINFL
laurenpincusrd Thanks @HopeWarshaw for leading a fantastic #DiabetesINFL chat! Looking forward to many more 🙂
sirencare @HopeWarshaw thanks, really great! We’ll definitely be there and follow the chat! #DiabetesINFL @DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw A8. @MaureenSRN Lots of great websites, resource for #diabetes info #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn and finally…..A8) dLife-> #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @HopeWarshaw Thank you so much Hope, your answers were so empowering #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson @HopeWarshaw Thanks for hosting. It’s been fun. Always good to learn more and increase engagement. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw Next JJDI Chat: 8/24, 9–10 am ET, 6–7 am PT. Topic: “Helping People w Diabetes Move from Denial to Acceptance” Plz join! #DiabetesINFL
markharmel Thank you @HopeWarshaw for attracting a lading a great group. #diabetesinfl
maureensrn So many wonderful resources on social media… I wanted to share as many as possible. #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw As healthcare professionals, you can click here to register for JJDI webinars and use access code SCHEDULE. #DiabetesINFL
11thandbluemont Thank you @HopeWarshaw & JJDI for tonight’s chat. Really enjoyed it & learned a lot! #DiabetesINFL
janekdickinson @HopeWarshaw Everyone note the different time! #DiabetesINFL
maureensrn Many thanks to everyone for joining us tonight. Continued good health & happiness! #DiabetesINFL
ginww Thanks @HopeWarshaw for this great discussion! #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @RebeccaBitzerRD We agree with you on that! #DiabetesINFL
lorishemek Thank you so much @HopeWarshaw for hosting and to Johnson & Johnson #Diabetes Institute as well as @diabetesiINFL! #success #diabetesinfl
hopewarshaw A8. @JaneKDickinson VERY GOOD POINT. We’re trying different times. One JJDI chat/month thru 12/16 #DiabetesINFL
hopewarshaw And until then. find additional resources from JJDI for diabetes healthcare professionals at Be well! #DiabetesINFL
diabetesinfl @ginww @HopeWarshaw Ginny, thanks for joining us tonight #DiabetesINFL
rebeccabitzerrd Yes, Thank you everyone, I also learned a ton of information during the chat! Much gratitude #DiabetesINFL
sirencare @LaurenPincusRD @HopeWarshaw Agree! Thanks Hope! Hope to meet you next week at #AADE16 #DiabetesINFL #foothealth #ulcers @DiabetesINFL
debgreenwood Agree! Raises awareness more than anything! #DiabetesINFL #AADE16 #DSMA Live will address language @SutterHealth
chase_brandi Missed Twitter chat but enjoying scrolling through the feed! #RDchat #DiabetesINFL
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Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN—an award-winning RD, certified diabetes educator, and past national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, is the author of The African American Guide to Living Well With Diabetes, which received the Favorably Reviewed designation from the American Association of Diabetes Educators, and Eating Soulfully and Healthfully with Diabetes.

Dr. Lori Shemek, PhD, CNC, CLC, the best-selling author of “Fire-Up Your Fat Burn! and leading health and weight loss expert, is also known as “The Inflammation Terminator.” She has made it her mission to educate the public on the toxic effects of certain foods and lifestyle choices and how they create inflammation in the body. She is a leading authority on inflammation and its role in weight loss, preventing disease and optimizing health.

Rebecca Bitzer – MS, RD/LD, CEDRD is an award-winning Registered Dietitian, writer, speaker, blogger, and REBEL Dietitian business owner. Rebecca and her team of six Registered Dietitians have counseled thousands of clients struggling with diabetes for over twenty-five years. They work closely with each other along with internists, endocrinologists, therapists, and families.

Maureen Sullivan – RN, CDE has worked for many years as a Registered Nurse, most of them in emergency and trauma services. She is a Certified Emergency Nurse, Certified Diabetes Educator, and the former manager of a hospital stroke program. Maureen’s wealth of knowledge, passion for nursing and education, and ability to engage people makes her an excellent teacher and a captivating lecturer. Recently, Maureen has been concentrating on writing, speaking and teaching, as well as working on her award-winning weekly podcast, “The Health and Humor Show.”

Lauren Harris-Pincus, MS, RDN is a nutrition communications specialist, registered dietitian in private practice, social media consultant, speaker, spokesperson and corporate consultant. She is currently the owner of Nutrition Starring YOU, LLC and Lauren strongly believes that we should “Think Healthy, not Skinny”, and “EveryBODY is unique, your diet should be too”. Lauren was co-host of the Family Food Experts Kitchen radio show, available for listening on iHeart Radio and iTunes. Also known as one of the “NutritionBabes”, Lauren co-founded, a popular Health and Wellness website in 2009. was voted one of Healthline’s Top 100 Health Blogs in 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Mark Heyman, PhD, CDE is a clinical health psychologist and the director of the Center for Diabetes and Mental Health (CDMH). In addition to treating patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, Dr. Heyman provides training for health care providers on how to identify and address the emotional and behavioral aspects of diabetes in their patients. He also works with pharmaceutical and medical device companies to help them understand these issues and incorporate this information into their sales, marketing, and patient education materials. He is particularly interested in empirically supported behavioral interventions that promote behavior change and improve physical and mental health in people with diabetes.

Katie Ferraro, MPH, RD, CDE is a nationally-recognized registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator and author with an expertise in nutrition communications and curriculum development. She is the co-author of “Diet Therapy in Advanced Practice Nursing” (McGraw Hill, 2014) and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Nutrition at the University of California San Francisco and University of San Diego’s graduate schools of nursing.

Dr. Beverly S. Adler, PhD, CDE (aka “Dr. Bev”) is a clinical psychologist and certified diabetes educator, author and speaker. She specializes treating the emotional issues of people with diabetes. In her private practice, she provides individual, family and/or group therapy utilizing a cognitive behavior therapy orientation, combined with a spiritual approach. Her goal is to empower her patients to manage their diabetes.

Dr. Bev is the author of two self-help diabetes books. She has written numerous articles which are published in print and online – always focused on diabetes from the emotional perspective. She also speaks to audiences of people living with diabetes, as well as, to audiences of healthcare professionals and diabetes educators. Dr. Bev, herself, has been living successfully with type 1 diabetes for 40+ years.

In August 2016, Dr. Bev was honored to receive the “CDE Entrepreneur of the Year” Award from her Metropolitan NY Association of Diabetes Educators.

Jill Weisenberger, MS, RDN, CDE, FAND is an internationally recognized nutrition and diabetes expert with more than two decades experience. Through writing, speaking and one-on-one coaching, Jill empowers people to grab control of their health. She has worked as both a nutrition counselor and a diabetes educator in the hospital and research settings, and now in private practice in Newport News, VA. Jill is known for her practical approach and caring attitude. Her no-nonsense strategies to eating well include foods that both taste good and are good for you.

Marlene Koch (pronounced ‘cook’) is a nationally recognized nutritionist, popular TV personality and New York Times bestselling author. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from UCLA with a Bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science. She is a registered dietitian and one of a select group of dietitians to hold an advanced certificate in Child and Adolescent Weight Management from the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

Marlene has taught professional chefs from the American Culinary Federation the principles of healthy cooking and eating. She has been adjunct Nutrition professor and cooking instructor for Columbus State College and the Columbus State Culinary Academy, and she is a nationally recognized expert in weight loss, diabetes, child and adolescent nutrition, and sugar substitutes.

Marlene has sold over one million cookbooks, and is a regular guest on QVC.

Barbara Ruhs – MS, RDN is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and owner of Neighborhood Nutrition LLC, a consulting firm focused on providing solutions to help food companies and supermarkets improve consumer health & wellness. She’s a former supermarket dietitian and has run a successful business for 17 years. A leader in the field of nutrition, her mission is to help people by impacting the way food is produced, marketed and sold. She’s a strong advocate for supermarket dietitians and believes the retail food industry has the greatest potential to impact public health.

Cheryl Orlansky has over 25 years of experience in health promotion and chronic disease prevention and management. Her first career as a registered dental hygienist led her towards a path of wellness and nutrition! Her expertise is in diabetes, weight management and cardiovascular disease for individuals and groups. She works in a large private practice including endocrinology, internal medicine, rheumatology, neurology and sleep medicine. She is an award winning dietitian with current leadership positions in state and local dietetics organizations.

She has been interviewed and quoted in media outlets for WebMD, Atlanta Sports and Fitness, Georgia Public Broadcasting, and the Atlanta Journal and Constitution. She has partnered with V-103 Radio to lead supermarket tours as part of a community outreach during National Nutrition Month.

Cheryl helps her clients reach balance through lifestyle choices: cooking and eating, activity and purpose in life.

Jackie Newgent, RDN, CDN, is a registered dietitian nutritionist and classically-trained chef. With a passion for helping people (including her father) with diabetes, she’s author of The With or Without Meat Cookbook: The Flexible Approach to Flavorful Diabetes Cooking and the award-winning The All‐Natural Diabetes Cookbook, both published by the American Diabetes Association. Jackie is also author of 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes and Big Green Cookbook. Her next book, The All-Natural Diabetes Cookbook—2nd Edition, was published in 2015.

Nutritionist Rania Batayneh, MPH is the author of the best-selling book, The One One One Diet. She holds a master’s degree in public health nutrition from the University of Michigan School of Public Health and is also a Wellcoaches Certified Health and Wellness Coach endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

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