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  • Living With Diabetes

    Pedometers: Counting Every Step

    As you probably have heard by now, many people with diabetes are now walking as a way to exercise. This kind of exercise doesn’t need special equipment, which is beneficial [...]
  • frozen-lemon-yogurt-banana

    Lemon Frozen Yogurt

    Do you love frozen yogurt? This recipe provides all the goodness without the guilt. Serve this frozen treat with your favorite summer berries. Ingredients ⅓ c fresh lemon [...]
  • twitter-party-nov-2014-diabeteschat

    #DiabetesChat TWITTER PARTY!, home of the Costco Online Diabetes Magazine, is hosting a #DiabetesChat Twitter party with some great prizes for people with diabetes. Visit: [...]
  • dry skin

    Diabetes Complications: Dry Skin

    Diabetes affects many body organs, including the largest of the body, the skin. Some skin conditions are specific to diabetes, but most of them also occur in the general [...]
  • heart-IQ

    Check Your Heart Disease IQ

    Frequently-Asked Questions About Heart Disease If I already have heart disease, it is too late to reduce my risk for further problems. The last time my cholesterol level was [...]

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Living With Diabetes


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